i am as attracted 2 philosophy as i ever have been to any actual people in my life. probably more so

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having a 20 minute nap before i finish replying to people

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Anonymous asked: simon caligrae is so cool

they certainly try to be

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im going 2 care about politics today i tell myself as i continue to read about philosophy instead

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  • GCSEs
  • A Levels
  • UCAS applications
  • michael gove’s education reforms
  • university
  • responsibility
  • david cameron
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gonna go do Proper Work now i guess,

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depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain that can’t be cured by telling someone you love them. you can positively influence this person and you can make them happy but you can’t fix them in the same sense that you can’t cure cancer by making someone smile.

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Title: Where Is My 8bit Mind?
Artist: Pixies / Volt 44
Played: 304399 times

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scareodynamite replied to your post: lonelylinguist replied to your post: a…

if ur on a computer theres an extension in xkit that hides notifications for a post u dont want to see ????????

mm yes that is very true thank u for the reminder pal

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lonelylinguist replied to your post: a post i made forever ago on my old ur…

deleting a post doesn’t make the notifs stop if it’s already been reblogged it’s dumb

tumblr is so broken

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a post i made forever ago on my old url and then deleted is going around for some reason and li ke. . i deleted that post . .. .. stop this // //

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im sad my tablet isnt working because i really want to draw some yogs stuff that isnt just circle related ? much as i love the shenanigans + such of the circles i wish i could draw some kd or lying or strife or something :^(

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*points at all the mutuals who pay attention to me* love these mutuals

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