i need more role reversal parvill in my life tbh

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# they would be so much better at each others jobs tbh. .. strife wouldnt be as reckless as parv w his magic# i mean sure sometimes hed get carried away w it b/c thats just how he is. channeling his energy into blood magic rather than science tho# overworking himself doesnt mean falling asleep in the middle of making things its passing out b.c oh shit. yeah that was# probably too much blood. wills not good at taking care of himself# parv tho. parv can actually pull off the evil ceo spiel. people underestimate him constantly# hes not like strife tho strife /pretends/ to be evil but he doesnt have it in him ?? not really. the blood magic tho# strife would b infinitely more dangerous w blood magic than w his company bc surE blood magic has its limits where maybe# he could do more w/ strife solutions but blood magic is the sort of thing that festers. its an ugly thing underneath the skin# will would start to forget that actually those witches hes keeping are real things b/c its easy to# his morals loosen bc blood magic works slowly and suddenly hes knee deep in blood and hes not sure whats happened# only that he needed to be better. he needed to be more powerful he needs constantly to improve himself# parv is probably more dangerous if only bc hes cunning and hes quiet about it. blood magic is inherently an immoral thing (kinda)# his company is just slightly illegal. maybe. people underestimate him bc what can he do really ??# i was gonna carry on w this but dinner. shRUgs# long post // //// /// kind of bc of tags
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    #they would be so much better at each others jobs tbh. .. strife wouldnt be as reckless as parv w his magic #i mean sure...
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